by Yuval Noah Harari Around the world: Israel How obtained: leant from a friend When my friend E lent me this book, the way she described it made me think it was a story of a fictional people group down the generations, highlighting what we know of how humans developed and learnt knew things. It … Continue reading Sapiens

Braving the Wilderness

by Brene Brown I adored Brene Brown's TED talk on the power of vulnerability, and I find psychology interesting. But to be honest I am a bit over books about self improvement and psychology. Most of the time, a 2-3 page article sums up the key points well enough, and the extra 200 pages in … Continue reading Braving the Wilderness


Good, bad- these labels are meaningless. All in life is part of life. There is a vitality to every experience and sensation. You feel it when your forehead starts to go numb from the icy cold rain that falls on your upturned face. You feel it when you press your fingernail into a mosquito bite, … Continue reading Vitality