Borderliners- Peter Hoeg

Borderliners, or De mÃ¥ske egnede in Danish, is a book by Peter Hoeg centered around 3 damaged schoolchildren who don't fit into their highly regimented school system. The blurb states that is is an experimental school, and there is much made of this by the kids; they are certain that there is something off going … Continue reading Borderliners- Peter Hoeg


The Many Conditions of Love- Farahad Zama

Next stop on my journey around the world is India. It surprise me how easy it was to find a book; for many countries you will see countless books set in them by Englishmen or Americans who have traveled there, rather than books by people actually from the country. Before starting this blog I hadn't … Continue reading The Many Conditions of Love- Farahad Zama