The Colours of Australia

A piece written in response to Word High July challenge, day 5 & 6:

  • Kalinaw (n): serenity, tranquility
  • Bughaw (n): the colour blue


Blue is the colour of serenity:
The ocean waves roll in, repeatedly, inexorably;
reflected light sparkles and dances on the surface
which extends further than the eye can see.
The bubbling brook winds through the valley,
refreshingly chilled by the shadowy trees
to the still pond where ducks glide silently.


Green is the colour of joy
You never realise how much your heart yearns,
until the rains come, and life returns,
for lush grass, and clover, and reeds and ferns;
for all that grows and lives and learns.


Red is the colour of freedom:
of driving the open road through a sandy desert,
alone on a track of baked clay and red dirt.
no buildings or trees, no people or regret;
just you, and Uluru, and an ochre sunset.



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