She was Beauty

She was beauty
on that magical night
dancing in time to the music
in the firelight.

As dusk fell
stars appeared above;
a glittering canopy
enshrining my love.
I felt the music
hum in my veins
I felt the lick of
desire’s first flames
I watched the shine
of her perfumed hair
as she moved with grace
without a care.
I hear the soft swish
of her skirts as she  danced
and her breathy laugh
as she called me out of my trance
‘Join Me,’ she said
as she pulled me to stand
drew me to the fire,
put her hand in my hand.

and so we danced
and sparks flew
and the music went on
and we knew
that for just one moment,
that was eternity,
the world disappeared
there was just her and me

We danced for hours,
by the firelight
and she was beauty
on that magical night


WordHigh July challenge, days 10-12:

  1. Indak (v) to dance in time with the music
  2. Humaling (n) extreme fondness
  3. Takipsilim (n) twilight, dusk

5 thoughts on “She was Beauty

  1. littleaprilshower says:

    This is such a beautiful story, so much love in the poem ❤ And you integrated all 3 words perfectly, they go together so well. Makes me feel like time stopped in that moment, underneath the stars and the moon, beside the fire light.


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