WordHigh July Challenge- day 13:
Harana:the act of wooing a someone by serenading him or her


Has the art of serenade been lost?

It conjures images of knights and fair maidens in towers,  romeo and juliet, or of travelling bards.

A lanky teenager making a mixed tape? not so much

A work colleague dedicating a Kareoke song to you? Depends on the song, I suppose

Is there a modern equivalent?

Do we ever still spout lyrics about someone’s fair qualities?

If someone did sing about how beautiful and wonderful you were, would you be flattered, or would it seem creepy?



One thought on “Harana

  1. maria says:

    I’ve always wondered about the sane things. We’ve evolved into much complex species that we’ve lost in touch of what we once were. Sigh. Gone are the days…


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