Siping- To lie down beside someone

Blond curls, the bottom 2cm forming a ringlet
Purple fleecy pants and pink fleecy jumper
A big grin with a gap between the front teeth
She wanders around the field
Amusing herself
Looking at plants, talking to birds
She comes across a growth of flowers
She lies down amongst them
Picks a few
Twirls them around by their stems

I lay down beside my younger self
In the field of daisies
With the sun on my face,
reddening the inside of closed eyelids
The grass prickly through my light jacket

What are you doing? I ask
Walking the dog! she replies
-it was our dad’s favorite phrase;
a silly way to imply the answer was obvious,
(when you obviously weren’t walking the dog)

She was right, I did know what she was doing
She was doing what I wanted to do
Why I had come here
To the daisy field
She was being herself

WordHigh July– Day 15


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