Old familiars

WordHigh July Day 17- Kaulayaw (n) a pleasant and intimate companion


When I saw that the Bible was on the list of important books from different times, I was glad I had already read it- because it takes a rather long time, and I already have enough books on my list to last for several years.


I grew up going to church, and so had always hears bits and pieces of the bible. When I was in mid-late high school I decided to read the whole things twice- one in the order it is currently printed in, and one in chronological order. I don’t remember how long it took me, but I think it was a bit under a year each time. I do remember reading Ezekiel one time as a marathon- we were on a driving holiday, so reading was pretty much all I could do for hours at a time as a passenger.


My relationship with religion/god now, if it were to be described in Facebook terms, would be “it’s complicated”, and I’m not going to go into that in any detail here, except to say I don’t read the bible very often these days. But on the rare occasion I do, there is a sense of familiarity and homecoming.


I think that books that are old favourites will always hold a place in your heart. There are many things in life that may no longer be a major part of your present, but as a part of your history, will always be a part of you. You will always carry them with you; as a quiet friend who comes along with you, sitting in the back of your mind, occasionally saying something supportive or reminding you that you are not alone in your journey through life. The whole world is connected through the memories and experiences of its inhabitants.


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