when the wind changes

when the wind changed
a stranger rolled into town
his ute trailing clouds of dust
his Akubra worn in with sweat
from days on end working in the sun
checked shirt, jeans, steelcap boots
3 days stubble, callused hands
kind eyes
not like the other one at all

when the wind changed
she rolled over in bed
away from the wall
away from the memories
towards the sunbeam streaming in
illuminating dust motes
the air had changed
warmer, hopeful somehow
something stirred within
unfurling, tendrils reaching

He had been dashing and charming
and promised the world
but in the end
the glitter wore off
more snake than charmer
and not worth any more tears

She walks through the park
watching the magpies fly
gum trees shading her
from a burning sun
in a clear blue sky
moving forwards
looking up

The stranger sits by the window
meat pie with sauce in hand
iced coffee on the table
by the newspaper
open to the sports section of course
nothing much else in them these days

She enters the bakery
time to celebrate loving herself
with a blueberry pastry
best in the state
although several towns boast that

she wonders at the stranger
just passing through?
buying the farm to the east?
time would tell
she puts it from her mind
and concentrates on not getting pastry flakes everywhere

They get up to leave at the same time
eyes meet briefly
he pauses to let her through the door first
then watches her walk down the footpath
the breeze ruffles his hair
and whispers to him
it had only just started to bring change
the story was just beginning


WordHigh July
day 21: Amihan (n) north east wind, breeze
day 22: Makisig (adj) dashing, well-dressed, gorgeous

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