WordHigh July day 25- Kinaadman (n) knowledge, wisdom

I wake up and kitty is curled up on the end of my bed. She lazily watches me as I get ready. I swear she looks a bit smug sometimes as I grumble internally about the cold, early morning, finding matching clothes, having to work… she doesn’t have to get up. She can do whatever she likes.

I come home from work, and there she is, a ball of fluff exactly where I left her. I presume she has gotten up to eat at some point, because she isn’t running under my feet begging for food the moment I come home like her brother. He is always hungry.

After the fire has been on for a little while, she will come down, eat her dinner, then settle into the beanbag she had claimed as her own. Near the fire. Near me. But not quite in reach. That’s the magic spot for a cat- keeping company but not in contact.

When I start to get ready for bed, she will watch me very carefully, and once she knows it isn’t just a toilet stop- that it is proper bedtime- she will hop onto the bed and get settled in her spot.

On days I have time off, if I lie in bed reading, she will lie next to me purring in approval. Spending time together resting in warm places is the best activity she can think of. Looking out windows together also rates fairly highly.

Sometimes, when she purrs from such simple pleasures, I think ‘surely the housecat is the wisest of all creatures’. They con humans into providing for their needs, they spend their days resting, playing and snuggling, and take joy in such little things.


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