WordHigh July day 28- Halakhak (n) a loud, uninhibited laughter

How many different types of laughter are there?

The maniacal laugh of the Wicked Witch of the West (or other evil character)

The high pitched giggle of a child being silly

The slightly shocked gawf for an inappropriate joke

The lightheaded, belly vibrating, friend’s head jiggling laugh of sleepover buddies lying with their heads on each other’s tummies, talking of their loves and dreams

The good-natured snigger when paying your best friend out

The cackle when someone gets what they deserved in an amusing manner

The wry chuckle of someone not taking themselves too seriously when they bugger something up

The bittersweet laugh when life is throwing everything it can at you, and you can only either laugh or cry

The shriek of the tickled

The inescapable, bubbling laugh when you need to be quiet

The cruel snigger when someone else fails

The endorphin producing LOL from a humorous show

The startled, short laugh of something totally unexpected

The awkward laugh while looking for an escape, of unwanted attention

The delighted laugh when you recognise yourself or your friends in a satire

The uninhibited laugh, swept away by buffeting winds, when you are alone with nature and she calls your soul to be free and play

How many different ways have you laughed?


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