Goodbye August, Hello September

I thought this month I would try out a few blog events. I’m still finding my way around the world of blogging- I have worked out how to schedule posts so there aren’t huge gaps, I have participated in a writing challenge in July, and now I am looking at if there are any regular challenges or events that suit me and my blog. As a blog about books, and often books that aren’t ‘new and exciting’ to a lot of people, I am not sure that a lot of the challenges and events out there really fit in with what I am doing here, but you never know until you try!

So today I am posting for ‘My Monthly Memories” looking back at important/good things from August, “the Monthly Look Ahead‘ which is exactly what it sounds like, and being Wednesday, the Word Crush Wednesday quote of the week.

My Monthly Memories of August:
My niece’s birthday party: it was really good to be able to start to enjoy kids parties again. It is never as magical as when you were a kid yourself, but I am seeing some joy again in celebrations.
Reading Shakespeare: I decided to do a month long focus on Shakespeare- ‘Shakespeare in September’. There is so much I love about Shakespeare and reading it has been a pleasure.
First Shakespeare movie night: I discovered some friends who also like Shakespeare and we have decided to start up a semi-regular Shakespeare movie night! (*not nerds at all*)
Pokemon Picnic: the craze has hit the beaches. After rumours of good pokemon at a northern beach, people have been flocking there, putting out lots of lures, and thus making it a good place- somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophesy. Some of my friends and I went to the beach for a Pokemon Picnic and found ourselves surrounded by literally hundreds of other players. I have never been into sport, but there is some of the same camaraderie as sport goers have, in a huge group of people being in the same spot with the same aim.
GSHWHES: we participated in the Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, were participants get in groups, and try to do as many silly activities from a list as possible (rather than finding items you do activities). I made a bikini out of corn husks, wore artichoke jewellery, covered a wall with pictures of my nose, went to a 1950s diner dressed as a Jedi, made a collage stuck onto myself, and painted a supernatural character in the style of Picasso. Overall it was an amazing, fun week.

The Monthly Look Ahead to September
Shakespeare in September! As mentioned, this is happening.
State theatre: My friend and I have a subscription to the State theatre company. The play on Friday is meant to be a comedy, which is always good at the end of a long week.
• I will probably go for a hike on saturday
Warmer weather– spring is coming, and with is warmer weather and longer daylight hours. There is a lot that needs doing in my garden, so the daylight will really help. Today I spend an hour or so gardening in the dark- which actually didn’t matter for what I was doing. I had a bit of light from the living room window, and the street lamp down the road…

Quote of the week.
There are so many good quotes in Shakespeare, most of which I will put into the upcoming posts on each book. My favourite so far has to be this lovely one from hamlet. I wonder if I love it so much because I am, by nature, someone who doubts and questions everything.

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.
-Hamlet, Shakespeare


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