Shakespeare Songs- Top Ten Tuesdays

This weeks top ten tuesday is “All About Audio”. This month I am focussing on Shakespeare, and I had thought while taking a break from reading Hamlet, and cleaning with music on, that one of the songs fit quite well. So I now present, my top ten songs which could be a theme song for a Shakespearean character. If you don’t recognise them and wanted to listen, I have put them together into a spotify play list here.

10 Shakespearean characters’ theme songs:

1 Hamlet- Hamlet- Demons, Imagine dragons

When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood’s run stale

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide

2 Rosalind-As you like it- Cherry lips, Garbage

With your cherry lips and golden curls
You could make grown men gasp when you go walking past…
It seemed like rainbows would appear
Whenever you came near the clouds would disappear
Because you looked just like a girl
Your baby blues would flash and suddenly a spell was cast

3 Romeo and Juliet- Love story, Taylor Swift

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I’ll be waiting; all that’s left to do is run.

In fact many Taylor Swift songs have lyrics these star crossed lovers would relate to, like Blank Space:

So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it’s over
If the high was worth the pain

‘Cause we’re young and we’re reckless
We’ll take this way too far
It’ll leave you breathless
Or with a nasty scar

4 Lady Macbeth- Macbeth- Bring Me to Life, Evanescence

-when she has gone crazy and is walking in the night

Wake me up inside (I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside (Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I’ve become

5 Helena- A midsummer’s night dream- Crazy in love, Beyonce

Got me looking so crazy right now, your love’s (oh love)
Got me looking so crazy right now

Fireflies by Owl city also has an honourable mention- not really as a song for a particular person- it is more just a whimsical song that reminds me of the forest full of fairies and things that are not what they seem.

It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
‘Cause everything is never as it seems

‘Cause I’d get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

6 Kate-Taming of the Shrew- Sia, fair game

So go and challenge me, take the reins and see
Watch me squirm baby, but you are just what I need

And I’ve never played a fair game
I’ve always had the upper hand
But what good is intellect and airplay
If I can’t respect any man

You terrify me, we’ve still not kissed and yet I’ve cried
You got too close and I pushed and pushed hoping you’d bite

7 Viola- Twelfth Night-Suddenly I see, KT Tunstall
(Pretend the lyric is that you suddenly realise you want to be with her, rather than that you want to be her)

And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm
Suddenly I see (suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be

8 Ophelia, Hamlet- What the Water Gave Me & Never let me go, Florence and the Machine

And a bargain must be made
But oh, my love, don’t forget me
When I let the water take me

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me
And all this devotion was rushing out of me
And the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me
But the arms of the ocean delivered me

9 Benedick and Beatrice- Much ado about nothing- Sia, Fire meet gasoline

Strike the match, strike the match now
We’re a perfect match, perfect somehow
We were meant for one another
Come a little closer

Fire meet gasoline
I got all I need
When you came after me

10 Helena (to Bertram)- Alls well that ends well-Cooler than me, Mike Posner

If I could write you a song
And make you fall in love,
I would already have you up under my arm.
I used up all of my tricks,
I hope that you like this.
But you probably won’t,
You think you’re cooler than me.


Are there any songs that remind you of a Shakespeare character or play? Or maybe of someone from one of your favourite books?


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