Top Ten Tuesdays- Villains

This week at Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesdays it is all about the villains.  So here is my list of 5 Villains that provoked interesting reactions in me:

  1. Pitch- Rise of the Guardians
    • Pitch Black is a re-imagining of the bogey man- he is the Nightmare King, and as belief in the ‘good’ magical beings like Santa and the tooth fairy decreases, children are more susceptible to negativity and his nightmares. He tries to take over the world and kill of the good magical beings, but does so with such style in his long black coat and tall sleek looks, and with a lovely smooth English accent, that I found myself drawn to him. I also feel sorry for him- as there is a sense of loneliness about him- he wants to be believed in, and seen, but because of who he is he is always on the outskirts. I really wanted things to work out for him- for there to be someway he could be included in a healthy way.
  2. Kilgrave -Jessica Jones
    • Oh this character I felt so conflicted about! I would be watching this show ravenously, fascinated not so much by the story line, as by watching my own reactions to what I was watching. Kilgrave is probably one of the worst villains you can get- a combination of a super power that is almost impossible to stop and a lack of empathy and of moral understanding. He can get people to do whatever he wants, and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t do this, and doesn’t care if it causes irreparable harm to them. In fact at times he enjoys causing pain- physical and psychological. He does utterly repulsive things. But he is also charismatic, and extremely well acted by David Tennant. His ‘love’ for Jessica is a twisted ugly thing that takes no account of what is actually good for her or her own feelings, but you believe it and want to believe it can redeem him. He has the blood of many murders on his hands, but you can also see the tortured young boy, who was in some ways forced to become what he was, but maybe was always a sociopath. How can you feel attracted to someone you can see is evil- really evil? All I can do is give an internal standing ovation to the writers and actors of this show.
  3. Snape- Harry Potter
    • Snape is a character that has provoked conflict, not internally like the above characters, but between friends. There are some people who were quick to forgive all his Death Eater actions, and bullying of Harry, once they found out that he carried a torch for Lilly and was a double agent. One facebook friend wrote a post along the lines of how Lilly should have been with Snape, how the poor man was friendzoned etc- I think I offended him when I mentioned that when Lilly was alive, Snape was a terrorist. But it is true- any of the redeeming things he did after she died in memory of her, and even then a lot of it seemed reluctantly after Dumbledore reminded him that it is what Lilly would have wanted. While she was alive he was a creepy teenager who was obsessed with dark magic, then the follower of a man who believed in torturing and killing muggles,  excluding non-purebloods and so on. He would have taken part in acts of violence, on the basis of blood (our equivalent of race), or for political power. And then when Harry was at school, he let his hatred of his father get in the way of his love for his mother, and his job as a teacher. He was a bully. But he did also put his life at risk, and eventually gave it, for the ‘right’ side. It is true he was brave, and did things that he never would have done otherwise because he knew as someone trusted by Voldemort, he was the only one who could do it. And he did love Lilly.
  4. The Wicked Witch of the West- The Wizards of Oz
    • In early high school, I landed the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in an amateur musical. The role actually doesn’t have much stage time compared to the other main characters, so I had a lot of time in rehearsal to make up my own backstory (not having seen Wicked). It as something about being teased because of my skin, and actually being hurt and misunderstood… I can’t remember exactly what now, but I had fun with it.
  5. Maleficent- from her own movie
    • another case of exploring the backstory to the villain, I loved the movie Maleficent. There is some good in all of us!



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