Black Stone Poetry

Black Stone Poetry-Grace Mera Molisa
Reading Around the World: Vanuatu
How obtained: it was very difficult to find any books from Vanuatu. I read a partial version of this on google books and an extensive article on Grace Molisa here.

Grace Molisa was not only one of Vanuatu’s most well known and loved poets, she was also a politician,  activist, environmentalist and feminist. I feel like there is not much more  can say that isn’t said better in the second link I put above, so I recommend you go check it out. Instead here is a short list of things I have learnt about Vanuatu:

  • It is composed of roughly 80 islands, 12 which are ‘main islands’. I always thought of it as one island! oops
  • there are ~110 languages- so sometimes more than one per island!
  • it was jointly colonised by the French and English- really the only time they managed to work together and share a colony.
  • the locals called this time of joint colonisation the ‘Joint Pandemonium’
  • you can walk up to the edge of Mt Yasur, and active volcano. you can also post a letter or postcard from there- the only postbox on top of a volcano in the world

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