Bringing Ararat

Book: Bringing Ararat- Armand Inezian
Around the World: Armenia
how obtained: kindle version

Armenia is located in the south Caucasus region- between Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan. Its long history includes being the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion in 301 AD, and spending more time than not under the rule of various empires: Byzantine, Sasanian, Ottoman, Iranian, Russian… In 1991 it obtained independence from the Soviet Union, and it is estimated that a quarter of the population has emigrated since that time.

Bringing Ararat is a collection of short stories and pieces about Armenian people in different situations, many with this theme of emigration or diaspora in the background. An old man struggles with aging, illness and an inner demon. A teenager is standing on the line between being part of general society or not and has to choose which way to go. A kid with health issues annoys a personal trainer. A gay man’s relationship falls apart as he tries to deal with the merging of his life into his partners.A young man struggles with the decision about whether to move to America- sick of the multiple upheavals moving has caused.

If only they could have brought Ararat with them, the white-head mountain of Noah; it might have anchored his people

This book is short and easy to read. It is written in the voices of the main characters, which are generally pleasant and interesting, but can be a bit abrupt and abrasive depending on the character. But this is all part of the story and not off putting at all. I would recommend this book for people who like nice short stories that offer an insight into the lives of people different than them.


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