The Rosie Project

-by Graeme Simsion

Don is a genetics professor who is searching for a wife. His efforts so far have not been successful at all, and as a logical person he decides there has to be a way to eliminate unlikely matches earlier and streamline the process. He creates a 16 page questionnaire, which has to be answered in a very specific way to prove compatibility. But then Rosie comes along- in reality she just wants an answer to a question to settle a bet, but he mistakes her as a candidate and his world is never the same again.

I loved this book. While it is easy to imagine how the main character Don, who probably has undiagnosed Aspergers syndrome,  could be annoying or exasperating to those in his life, it is really fun and interesting to read his story.  Don’s way of thinking means that he often has less detail about the things we usually notice and describe to give a reader a sense of a room or a person, but more about things we don’t- more little facts about human nature and the inconsistencies we live with without realising. There were a few things that he pointed out that made total sense to me- for example he doesn’t decorate his apartment, because the human brain ignores things that are the same as previously and only notices the new- so he thinks what is the use paying and arranging decorations that he will only appreciate for a week or so. For me, I can’t see things if there is too much clutter- if the fridge is full I can’t see anything to eat, so I keep it at least half empty, and I have noticed that if you leave some mess out long enough you stop noticing it.

All in all this book is very light hearted and easy to read. I imagine almost anyone would enjoy it, unless they are the type of person who just has one genre they like and don’t like any others.



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