February Wrap Up

February was slightly more successful for getting books ticked off my lists and counting towards my reading challenges. I read 4 books this month- one was super long (Pillars of the Earth at >1000 pages), and the others were fairly quick reads. I started at a new work place, which I will be at for the next 6 months, which unfortunately is a fair drive away. I am considering trying to find some E books to listen to on the drive, but have never really listened to E-books. How have you found them?


Rock My TBR Challenge

  • Pillars of the Earth

52 Books in 52 Weeks

3. Pillars of the Earth
4. Letters of a Portugeuse Nun
5. The Misanthrope- Moliere
6. The Prince- Machiavelli

Netflix and Books Challenge

  • Pillars of the earth (500+ pages)
  • Gilmore Girls season 7

All About Austen

  • Sense and Sensability (2008) miniseries- on netflix. This was the second time I watched this series. Three episodes of around 50 minutes each, it can be done in one sitting or over a few evenings. I love the oceanside setting of their new cottage- it is so peaceful and rugged it makes me want to go there, or make my own seashell art. I also love the neighbors- particularly Sir John Middleton, who is just really lovely and a fun character.

The European Reading Challenge

  • UK: pillars of the earth
  • Letters of a Portuguese Nun- Portugal
  • The Misanthrope- France

Colour Coded Challenge

  • Black: Pillars of the Earth

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