MMMM: Barack Obama

MMMM: Mindfulness, Meditation and Mental health May- is a month of quotes, books and (sometimes unexpected) resources to reflect on, to help have a happier, more mindful life.

Regular book reviews will continue on Fridays.

Quote of the Day:

“If you learn how to listen to people’s stories and can find what’s sacred in other people’s stories, then you’ll be able to forge a relationship that lasts” -Barack Obama

Resource of the Day:

The above quote is from an interview about literature, between Barack Obama and Michiko Kakutani, the chief book critic for The New York Times. He discusses the way in which books, writing and stories link to and impact aspects of his life and work. As an avid reader and aspiring writer, I loved the discussion. I also love the attitude- of  seeking to create understanding. And now looking back at it, I see that there are themes of using reading and writing as a form of meditation, or a method for creating clarity.

“There’s something particular about quieting yourself and having a sustained stretch of time that is different from music or television or even the greatest movies.”

Question for reflection:

Think of a friend or family member- what is the ‘sacred’ in their story?


I think perhaps even just approaching people expecting that their story is sacred would open a richer dialogue, even if you never quite ‘get’ what it is.


2 thoughts on “MMMM: Barack Obama

  1. jrose88 says:

    How are we defining sacred, here? I’m not even sure what I would consider sacred in my own stories, and that seems like a fairly important thing to have figured out…


    • blikachuka says:

      I think part of the reason I like that quote is that is isn’t an easy or usual thing to do.

      I think there are a few way to look at it. You could take it in the religious sense- remembering to see people as created by God, someone loved by God, and a person whose life has purpose.
      Or in a non religious sense I think of sacred as meaning revered, blessed, special, valuable, and/or respected. What makes a person or their life worthwhile.

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