Ghost A La Mode

by Sue Ann Jaffarian


After reading a couple heavier books for my reading lists, I felt the need for something light and enjoyable. And this book was just the thing.

Emma is in the process of a divorce from her tv personality husband who has found a younger model. She has been reconnecting with an old friend, and accompanies her to a séance which her friend needs to attend as research for a university project (or something like that- not quite clear…) Unexpectedly, the clairvoyant is NOT a fraud, and even more unexpectedly someone has been waiting to talk to Emma.

Granny Apples, Emma’s great-great-great-grandmother, has gone down in history as having been killed in retribution for killing her husband. But she says she didn’t do it and wants to clear her name. She has been trying to get in contact with a relative who will both a) be able to hear her and b) be willing to help her, for a few generations. Emma, rather reluctantly at first, once reassured she is not going crazy, is curious enough to go to Granny’s old town and dig around. As well as clues, she finds a mysterious and sinister man who is also digging around, claiming also to be a relative, a number of locals who think she is probably crazy, and more ghosts!

Mystery, adventure, history, ghost story, with a dash of romance and a dollop of humor- this book was a lovely light hearted read, perfect for a lazy afternoon in bed.


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