English Royalty- a reading list

If you are anything like me, you can remember a hundred details from a novel, but no facts and figures from lectures you were meant to learn. So I like to try and combine reading and learning where I can.

I have been reading Phillipa Gregories series about the Cousin’s Wars- the Red Queen, the White Queen etc. And I realised that they flow on from some of the Shakespeare plays I was looking at last year. So I thought, why don’t we try to link them up and get a reading/watching list that can take you through the history of English Royalty in a more enjoyable way.

There are multiple authors who have covered the Tudors, so I have just put in Phillipa Gregory’s books and a couple movies. If you have another preference, you can pick a different author and read their series in order too.

If anyone knows any good books, tv shows or movies that cover the other monarchs, comment below and I will put them in.

(Sh=Shakespeare, PG= Philippa Gregory)


Name and Dynasty Accession Death Books, Plays Tv shows
The House of Normandy
William I

(William the Conqueror)

1066  1087
William II

(William Rufus). Buried at Winchester.

1087  1100
Henry I  1100  1135
Stephen  1135  1154
  The House of Plantagenet
Henry II 1154 1189
Richard I

(Richard Coeur de Lion)

1189 1199

(of Magna Carta fame)

 1199  1216 King John- Sh
Henry III  1216  1272
Edward I  1272  1307
Edward II  1307  1327
Edward III  1327  1377
Richard II  1377 Dep. 1399 Richard II -Sh
The House of Lancaster
Henry IV  1399  1413 Henry IV- part 1 & 2- Sh
Henry V 1413  1422 Henry V -Sh
Henry VI  1422  Dep. 1461 Henry VI- part 1,2,3 Sh

Lady of the Rivers-PG

The House of York
Edward IV  1461  1483 The White Queen-PG

The Red Queen-PG

Richard III- Sh

Edward V  1483  1483
Richard III  1483  1485
The House of Tudor
Henry VII  1485  1509 The White Princess- PG
Henry VIII


 1509  1547 The Constant Princess- PG

The Other Boleyn Girl-PG

The Boleyn Inheritance -PG

The Tudors (TV)

Edward VI  1547  1553 The Queen’s Fool-PG
Queen Jane  1553  1553
Mary I  1553  1558 The Virgin’s Lover -PG
Elizabeth I  1558  1603 The Other Queen- PG

Elizabeth- the Golden Age (movie)

 The House of Stuart
James I (VI of Scotland)  1603  1625
Charles I  1625  Beheaded. 1649
Commonwealth declared 19th May 1649. Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, 1653-58. Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector, 1658-59
Charles II  (restored 1660) 1649  1685
James II (VII of Scotland)  1685  Deposed 1688.

Died 1701

William III and Mary II

Prince of Orange.

1689 1702
Anne  1702  1714
 The House of Hanover
George I  1714  1727
George II  1727  1760
George III 1760  1820
George IV  1820  1830
William IV  1830  1837
Victoria  1837  1901 The young Victoria (movie)
The House of Saxe-Coburg  
 Edward VII  1901  1910
The House of Saxe-Coburg

The House of Windsor – From 1917

George V 1910 28th January 1936
Edward VIII 1936  Abdicated 1936 W.E (movie)
George VI 1936 6th February 1952 The King’s Speech (movie)
Elizabeth II 6th Feb 1952


2nd June 1953

 Whom God The Crown (Tv)

The Queen (movie)


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