War and Peace

the BBC adaptation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy   War and Peace is one of those novels which people rave about as being brilliant, if you can actually get through it. I think more people fail to finish, or even start- scared off by the length of the tome, and the multitude of character … Continue reading War and Peace



by Gareth Nix how obtained: another birthday present 🙂   Princesss Anya has spent the last few years reading in the library and keeping out the way of her step-step dad, an evil sourcerer who rules the kingdom while her stepmom is away researching in the woods or something. Her step mum used to be … Continue reading Frogkisser

The Last Wish

by Andrzej Sapkowski Around the World: Poland How obtained: birthday gift The Last Wish is a collection of adventures that a witcher (a monster killer) named Geralt remembers, while resting in a temple after an injury. The chapters alternate between his time in the temple, and the stories of his adventures. It took me until … Continue reading The Last Wish