July Wrap Up

Another month gone.
This month, I found out I passed my specialist exams- so no more study or exams needed ever! Unless I choose to do further qualifications of course.
I really can’t remember if there was anything else noteworthy- I did my taxes, I read a few books, I went to my first football game, and I bought some shoes.
Did you have an eventful July?

Summary of progress for reading challenges:

52 Books in 52 Weeks

  •  the Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born
  • Tomorrow I’ll be twenty
  • Heaven and hell
  • The Moor’s Account
  • The return
  • The impossible story of Olive in Love
  • The CSIRO low card diet

(books 31-37)

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

  • The impossible story of Olive in Love

Rock My TBR Challenge

  • The CSIRO low carb diet

2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge

  • Heaven and Hell- iceland
    Moor’s account- black, slave, moroccan
    The beautiful ones- Ghana
    Tomorrow I’ll be twenty- Congo

What’s in A Name

  • Alliteration: Heaven and Hell & Tomorrow I’ll be twenty

The European Reading Challenge

  • Heaven and Hell- Iceland

Colour Coded Challenge

  • Yellow: Tomorrow I’ll be Twenty

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