Opps a couple days late for my August Wrap up. Lets see, what happened in August? I moved jobs again to my final 6 month spot before I can get a longer term job. I caught the flu. I decided to start running again- which I am really bad at- my version of ‘starting running’ is to go for a 30 minute walk and jog for 30 seconds a few times, and then over the course of months increase it up to actually just jogging consistently for like a couple kms… But as I always say for exercise, anything is better than nothing. And if you keep improving little by little, then you are seeing gains.

Oh and I participated in GISHWHES- which as always was great fun- I introduced a couple new friends to it this year.

Reading Challenge Progress:

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

  • Saying Yes to the Boss
  • Love Walks in


Rock My TBR Challenge

The Kings Curse


2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge

  • We need new names (zimbabwe)
  • The return (Libyan)

2017 Debut author Challenge

  • read 12 or more young adult books that are an author’s debut novel
  • #2017DebAuthC
  • Quarterly link up (posted January, April, July, and October)


52 Books in 52 Weeks

  1. The return- Hisham Matar
  2. The Kings’s Curse- Philipa Gregory
  3. We need new names- No Violet Bulawayo
  4. Manuscript found in accra- Paulo Coelho
  5. Defeating Depression- Roslyn Law
  6. Saying yes to the boss
  7. Love walks in- Samantha chase

Colour Coded Challenge

  • Blue: We need new names

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