Love Walks In

by Samantha Chase

I apparently had a fortnight where I really needed to relax with romances. Possibly it was because my other main book was a book about depression- right on the other end of the spectrum.

I found Love Walks in on Libby, the library app. The main characters are Hugh, a resort owner who lives by the rules and to the schedule, one of many brothers in a close family, and Aubrey a single child who has been dictated to by her parents and always felt isolated from them, especially after they failed to be able to provide emotional support when she had a childhood cancer. Aubrey has run away from a shotgun wedding that her dad’s business contact talked her into, and run straight into Hugh. They turn each others lives upside down, in a good way, but is it enough to enable them to meet halfway?

This is a good fun read, which while it pretty much follows the formula, manages to hide it- it feels more natural and less OTT drama than many romance novels. I can see it sets up links to the other brother’s potential love stories, and would be interested to read those also.


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