September Wrap Up

So we come to that monthly time where I sit here looking at the screen, trying to remember what happened this month. I remember it as being rather full of fun activities, but can’t remember them when I try! Well, a quick check of my calender reveals a few things.

I went to a Harry Potter Quiz night, which was fun. We didn’t win, but I got best costume. I was really happy about this for two reasons. Firstly- I got a $50 book voucher, which will help my book quest. And secondly, on the way there I had actually been feeling a bit self conscious about my costume- some of my friends are really good costumers and make costumes that look like they could be professional. I tend to more go for creative idea + enthusiasm + staples or dodgy sewing. I went as a phoenix, which noone else did, and I think being bright and unique helped. It was really nice to have my enthusiastic imperfection celebrated, and it reminded me that the majority of the time if you put something positive or creative or loving out into the world, people will appreciate it even if it isn’t perfect.

It is also Oz-Asia time again- so I’ve been to a few dance and music shows from that. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see a band I really likes at WOMAD last year, because I was having stomach cramps.

I have been getting back into running and my seemingly never ending attempt to work up the strength to be able to do chin ups. And I seem to be making some progress. I tend to work on these thing for a out 3 months a year, and then work on other things for a while.

I have started making some Christmas presents- I had an idea of something to do and bought up the material etc in the post Christmas sales last year. I almost forgot about it until a colleague started talking about Christmas crafts.

And I have been reading lots of books:

Reading Challenge Progress:

Netflix and Books Challenge

  1. Guards guards
  2. The no. 1 ladies detectives agency
  3. the god who begat the  jackal
  4. Mindset
  5. Eric
  6. Pavel and I
  7. A thousand splendid suns
  8. Newt’s Emerald

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge

  • Newt’s Emerald

Rock My TBR Challenge

A Thousand Splendid Suns

2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge

  • most of the books where written by and about people from different countries…

What’s in A Name

  • The No 1 Ladies Detective agency : a Number in numbers

52 Books in 52 Weeks

  • What it sounds like!
  • ?no specific link requirements

The European Reading Challenge

  • Germany: Pavel and I



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