Newt’s Emerald

by Garth Nix

how obtained: Libby app/library


18 year old Lady Truthful Newtington is on the brink of an exiting time coming out in London. But when the powerful, magical Newtington Emerald is stolen, and her father becomes bedbound with grief/fear because whenever the family heirloom has been out of their possession disaster occurs for the family,  Truthful decides to spend her time in London trying to get the Emerald back. Young ladies of course cannot go gallivanting about by themselves, so she disguises herself as her quiet, monk-to-be cousin. She discovers even more excitement in this adventure than she had expected in coming out- as well as a few life threatening incidences, and an infuriating young man who has secrets of his own.


This fun little book is great for an evening in. It has adventure, magic, and romance all mixed together in Regency England, with plenty of quirky characters both good and evil.

I would recommend this book if you don’t mind reading books that are suitable for the younger reader, and like fantasy/magic/light historical fiction.


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