Deltora Quest

by Emily Rodda


Ok so I know I am about a decade or two behind the times, but I finally read Deltora quest. I loved series as a child, but never read these ones because I knew I would read them pretty quickly, so didn’t want to start if any of the first half were already borrowed from the library. And there was always one or more out.

But now they are on the Library app- where you can borrow digital books from your local libraries and read them on your phone. Yay. So much easier. Although there was still someone who held onto it for a week, when it takes an adult about an hour to read. I was internally shouting- just read it and return it already! Or if you don’t have time to read it, let me borrow it and I will have it back there before you even check the app again!

But anyway- we got there.

In this fantasy series for young readers, Lief, Barda and Jasmine go on a quest to rid their country of an evil tyrant. They have to find the seven gems that give the Belt of Deltora it’s power, which have been hidden in the most dangerous places in the kingdom. Each has a terrible guardian that must be defeated.

Probably best for 10 year olds. Or adults who really want to spend an hour not being an adult for a while.


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