Now (A to Z)

Now is your time.

This moment, you control what you do and think.

This second. And this second. And this second.

The past is yours too- it is your history.

And the future is yours to dream about and plan for.

But they are not as fully owned by you, not as changeable by you.


In this moment you are bringing in oxygen. Your cells are creating energy to function. They are replacing dead cells- renewing. They are fighting off pathogens.

In this moment you are thinking and feeling. You are deciding how to spend this second of life you are given. And the next.

Feel it. Live it.

This post is part of the April A to Z challenge

My theme is “27 truths”, where I have taken a word for each letter of the alphabet that resonates, connects, or has an emotion attached to it. I have then written something that is true for me, but I have experimented in writing it in the second person, which I have never done before. Some truths are universal, or at least widespread. Some are not so much. Let me know if you relate to anything.

I would have loved to turn it into a progressive story, however it turned out a bit more contemplative. But you will find that there is a progression over the course of the month.  (at the end of the month I will post the whole thing together for you to read easily)

I am currently overseas. I will read any comments and visit your blog if linked when I get back. Thank you for your visit.


2 thoughts on “Now (A to Z)

  1. Melanie Crouse says:

    It’s so true! I used to spend a lot of my life thinking if I thought about it hard enough I could change the fact that I ate all that cake yesterday! But shaming yourself never changed the past. And worrying never helped the future. I’ve got right now, and that’s all! Thanks! Melanie’s Stories


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