A Mouth Sweeter than Salt

by Toyin Falola Around the World: Nigeria how obtained: kindle store Toyin Falola is a Nigerian historian and a professor of African studies. This book is a memoir of his childhood, before he became well known and started having an impact in the world. I found the first chapter hard to get into, and to … Continue reading A Mouth Sweeter than Salt


Fever Dream

by Samata Schweblin Around the World: Argentina How obtained: I went to the Writers Week talks, and after hearing her talk, bought the book I really enjoyed spending a day at writers week. I'd never been before, but now I am working part time, I was finally able to go. It was a temperate day, … Continue reading Fever Dream

The Trader

A short documentary on netflix Around the World: Georgia Ok so this isn't a book, so might not technically count for 'reading around the world'- but you know what this is my personal project and I haven't read anything from Georgia yet! The Trader is a short documentary of a little over twenty minutes, which … Continue reading The Trader