A Bookish Birthday

Ok, final post that relates to my birthday- I thought some of you might be interested in my party, because I had a Book Swap for a party. It was intended to be a casual gathering with afternoon tea, a fire if it was cold,  and books, but of course I couldn't help but plan … Continue reading A Bookish Birthday



Yugto- a fundamental transition or development of a story or phenomenon Today's Word High July Prompt immediately reminded me of the picture I took when out hiking a while ago, of the change from 'Grug's hill' to the golden hills. While this blog was primarily started to write about reading adventures- Around the World and … Continue reading Yugto

Pokemon Fever

WordHigh July Day 16- Marahuyo (adj) to be enchanted Pokemon go has arrived in Australia, and enchanted young and old players alike (although by old I mean those who watched the original series, not the elderly, but it is possible there are some geriatric players out there too…)   I found the intro was not … Continue reading Pokemon Fever