Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

By Errol John Around the World: Trinidad and Tobego Moon on a Rainbow shawl is a play written by the Actor and Playwright Errol John. He was born in Trinidad, and set the play in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It revolves around the inhabitants of a couple sheds that pass for rental houses. There is … Continue reading Moon on a Rainbow Shawl


The Rabbit Back Literature Society

by Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen Around the world: Finland. Ella Milana is a writer, who is currently teaching literature in the small town of Rabbit Back, but will hopefully move on to bigger better things sometimes soon. She would love to be a published author, and when she is singled out to join the exclusive Rabbit … Continue reading The Rabbit Back Literature Society

2018 Wrap Up

Wow- how time flies. Sorry for the absence- as I mentioned, I participated in NaNoWriMo in November- and so spent the month writing rather than reading, although looking back at my tally I did still get a few books in- just not any for my around the world reading Challenge. And I got rather inspired … Continue reading 2018 Wrap Up

October Wrap Up

October was quite a good month this year. I had a few social engagements already booked in- including a  1930s superhero costume party (I was Bullet girl- have you ever hear of her? neither had I but there weren't many female options who, you know, wore clothes.), and a Disney murder mystery dinner party that … Continue reading October Wrap Up